Axxess Flexidisc


This translucent blue flexidisc was given away free in 1984 with an issue of (now defunct) UK Synth mag ‘Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music’. It was recorded by the band Axxess, and was a preview track from their forthcoming album ‘Novels for the Moons’.

The track on the flexidisc is a short sequencer driven ditty called ‘Traditional Moon Dance’, which is very representative of the content to be found on the album. Here is a link to the track on You Tube:

Axxess was the brainchild of (the then) co-director of Lamborghini Motors, Patrick Mimran, who had a real passion for electronic music, especially the work of German synth pioneers Klaus Schulze, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream.

Mimran commissioned audio engineer Andreas Bahrdt to construct a powerful 16 voice analogue synthesiser, christened ‘Le Bart’, which he used exclusively to create the album. The whole album is a delight for lovers of sequencer driven electronic music, where complex interweaving sequence lines and pulsing electronic percussion compete with sampled sound effects and tight melodies to combine in what can arguably be described as the best electronic driving album ever created. It’s a pity that not many of us are fortunate enough to own a Lamborghini in which to enjoy the album to its fullest potential.

For many years it was believed that Minran’s collaborator on this album, the enigmatic Howard Bedman, was a pseudonym for Tangerine Dream’s Peter Baumann, but in fact it turned out to be another member of Tangerine Dream who had collaborated with Patrick: sequencer genius Christopher Franke, although it is unsure of the extent of Franke’s role or creative input into the album.

For many years the album was only available on Vinyl, but in recent years it has been made available as a limited edition CD, reissued on the Medical Records label.

Patrick is now a multimedia artist. To check out his work, both musical and non-musical, check out his fascinating website:


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