DSCN0993In recent years, compact cassettes have become iconic images, especially to members of the ‘MP3 generation’ – people who are far too young to remember such retro technology. Sadly, I am old enough to remember the good old days (?) of using cassettes, and also the universal ‘Law of Sod’ that governed all tape use:  The probability of your cassette player chewing up your tape is directly proportional to how precious that particular tape is to you’.

Other joys (?) of cassette usage were:

Playing a particular track on your cassette so much that you eventually cause drop outs on the best bits;

finding a pencil thick enough to poke into the cassettes spools to allow you to rewind your cassettes in order to save battery power on your tape player; and

listening to your favourite artist sound like Pinky & Perky by only half depressing the play button.

As previously stated, cassette icons can now be found everywhere, from cassette shaped iPhone covers to designs on tee shirts, pencils, note books, earrings, mugs and a few dozen other examples too numerous to list here.

Joining their ranks is a fairly new item – the Mustard (TM) Drinkman – a cassette player shaped hip flask. Now you can quite literally get drunk on nostalgia. This bad boy allows you to carry around up to 150 ml of your favourite tipple, so now you will never be without liquid sustenance wherever you travel.

However, please drink responsibly, and avoid C120 length drink-a-thons.



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