A Brief History of Teletext

This is a re-posting, from an old blog site, about the birth, life and demise of a truly innovative communication medium – Teletext. If you try to tell the kids of today that this was the way we did things before the internet was invented, they wouldn’t believe you!
(Click each image to enlarge)

brief_history_teletext_1 copy

brief_history_teletext_2 copy

 brief_history_teletext_3 copy


One thought on “A Brief History of Teletext

  1. Hi Mark
    Interesting idea to write an article about that wallflower 🙂
    Was the UK the first country in the world to launch Teletext, or was it an idea that was born abroad ? Were there no complaints from newspapers at the time, or did press agencies maybe cooperate in exchange for BBC money ? And is Teletext in 2014 indeed no longer available, as it still is in Belgium ?

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