RetroScoop is a place where I hope to share with you a selection of things from the recent past that interest me.

I am a 50 something traveler in Time & Space (sadly in one direction only at a speed of 1 second per second) based in Liverpool in the UK. I have many hobbies and interests including science/nature, the paranormal, arts, broadcasting and technology – both old and new.

Over the years I have collected a vast pile of brick a-brack, photos and mementos from my journey through life, ranging from Music, Technology, Computing, RetroGaming, Wargaming, Comics, Books, Science Fiction, Comedy…the list is endless. It will be a rather random selection, archived in a ‘scatter-gun’ fashion somewhat like a Forest Gump box of chocolates – ‘you never know what you will get next’.

I hope you enjoy the posts that are to come, and that they bring back as many wonderful memories for  you as they do for me.


One thought on “About

  1. In fact, this Retroscoop and the Belgian one are very nicely complementary, as the first one concentrates on the recent past, while the latter one, established in Antwerp in 2010 concentrates on the pre 1980 period. Good luck with the project, I’ll announce the existence of a 2nd Retroscoop on the home page and I’ll add a link in the “intesting links”-part. Cheerio, keep up the good work.

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